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“Don’t be so busy doing good that you neglect to do what is right.” The adage inspired M Lhuillier that is why a Spiritual Retreat is always marked in the calendar of activities of the company. One’s work is vital. It sustains our material needs. Yet living in this competitive world is not just mere physical survival. We should not be overly focused on our job that it swarms our spiritual growth.

The 16th and 17th of April 2008 was the scheduled spiritual recollection of OPEC-SIRMATA employees of Northern Luzon Region which was held at Claveria, Cagayan. The accommodating Rev. Fr. Reynaldo B. Jimenez SVD served as our facilitator. One activity that we did during the session was to reflect on our lives by comparing ourselves to a river. Living and non-living things that could be found in a river represents the important persons and events in our lives respectively. Each attendee had his own “river”  Subjective as it may be, everyone was touched by the sharing of testimonies of fellow employees about their “river”. It was comforting and inspiring to know how a fellow employee battled the odds of life. And I quote that they passed the humps and sharp curves in their journey because of their strong faith in God.