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Employees embody the company’s strength. Ensuring the good foundation of employees from rank and file up to CEO’s will actually make the company a fruitful institution. Strength means will and ability; intellectually and spirirually…

MLhuillier annually conducts its spiritual recollection activity for  the entire organization. For ML Palawan, the activity was held last August 22 and 29.The retreat was held at the San Miguel Parish church at Puerto Princesa City. Rev father Zoilo Deslate, the parish priest served as the facilitator. The half day affair started at exactly 8:00 in the morning with a solemn prayer. The entire activity was divided into four parts. First, was the recollection proper where the priest preached topics on how employees could develop themselves physically and spiritually. Tips on how to be an effective employee in both God’s and man’s point of view were also given out in the discussion.

The second part was an activity where everyone had to face the most unfamiliar person they’ve ever met – their very own selves. Everybody had to individually do it in silence. This was the part where each had to eat their pride and accept their sins before they could assess what they would have to change in them in order to be a better person, in and out of the office.

Next part was confession time w/ the priest where everyone repented and asked for God? forgiveness.

The Holy mass followed. Everyone, as enlightened as they could be, gave a holy kiss and hug to each other to show their love and gratitude for having each other? company and assurance that they will stand by each other in achieving goals in the day to day corporate life.

Lunch was served at a known restaurant in the place. Attendees dined together with new hearts and better personalities. Hoping that the company will untiringly extend its initiatives like this, employees departed the place with humble expentancy of a great future ahead in M.Lhuillier? business life.