About M Lhuillier Financial Services

Mission and Vision

M Lhuillier Financial Services will continue to be present in the country in order to provide the immediate financial needs of its target market. We will be accessible and charge fair and competitive rates to our customers. We shall likewise maintain our commitment to develop our staff.

M Lhuillier Financial Services envisions itself to be a world-class financial institution continuously seeking other opportunities for growth within its core business. The organization will hire, retain, and develop quality people and be led by professional managers. It shall develop an organizational culture that will have a strong bias for quality, customer care, and social responsibility.

Core Values


Honesty in dealings with customers, colleagues and owners/stakeholders.


Conducting oneself with the highest level of professionalism, keeping matters confidential, and behaving in such a way that the company’s reputation is enhanced.


Putting all customers at the top of our minds, giving them the best service, satisfying their requirements and making them customers for life.


Taking care of the company’s property, reputation and image.


Thinking like an owner, loving one’s work, making decisions that count and being accountable for its consequences.


Seeking opportunities for growth, providing for opportunities for growth and self-improvement, and living within one’s means.


Being ahead of what everyone else is doing as well as investing in technology.


Being obedient to the leaders of the organization, respecting the rights of colleagues, giving what they deserve and being supportive of Management.



We are continuously looking for high-quality employees with the skills and dedication required to help M Lhuillier, Inc. Philippines grow and maintain the high-quality we are known for.

The following job openings are listed here by location. If you do not find a position of interest, please check back in the near future as we consistently update our career opportunities.

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