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SAN PABLO CITY, LAGUNA. The 15th day of January traditionally marks the fiesta celebration of San Pablo City.  The event coincides with the feast day of St. Paul, the First Hermit.

San Pablo City added a cultural show to the event in honor of St. Paul. Students from different city schools performed beautiful native songs and dances distinct to the Filipino culture to convey our rich heritage.

An added attraction to the celebration is the street dancing (ala Mardi Gras) activity participated in by both public and private schools of the City as well as those from city’s public and private organizations.

Initiated by the late Mr. Vergel Cosico of the original coco festival committee in 1996, street dancing, float competition, drum and lyre competition, and the search for Mutya ng San Pablo have been included in the lavish display of festivities.  Since then, the once added attractions have evolved into becoming a splendid tradition finding its climax annually at the city? plaza.

Gracing the parade were ML-South Eastern Luzon Regional Manager Mr. Melvin Balanghig, Area Managers, Mr. Jason Lopez and Ricardo Rioflorido and some ML Employees. Excitement was in the air all throughout the event as city-dwellers and visitors reveled in the extravagance that the event brought. For us, it was another time to live the meaning of our company being NUMERO UNO NG BAYAN.