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The effort towards restoring lost mangroves in the Philippines has been commendably immense specifically during the past two decades. Mangroves restoration projects have been attempted throughout the world. M. Lhuillier advocates the protection and preservation of the environment, particularly as the world is reeling from the harmful effects of global warming.


With the initiative of OPEC Kulintang, ML volunteer employees in cooperation with the barangay officials of Barangay Taguisa, Lebak, SultanKudarat organized a mangrove planting activity on August 26, 2016.  The barangay officials, headed by Barangay Chairman Randy Orgo, joined the ML Team at the project site at the mangrove sanctuary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in SitioPaga of the said barangay.


Nurturing the mangrove forests serves various purposes – the repopulation of denuded coastal forests, restoration of fisheries habitats, shoreline protection,sustainable multiple community use purposes and ecological restoration.


About 1,000 propagules were planted at the designated area.  The members of the volunteer group waded in ankle-deep mud on the mudflats to accomplish their task.  Some suffered cuts from protruding oyster shells.  But, they could not be dissuaded.  They handily accomplished the task.


The activity was fittingly culminated with a hearty breakfast for the ML Team, barangay officials and the Peacekeeping Force of Taguisa at the barangay’s campsite.  There, the team saw firsthand how human greed has plundered Mother Nature.  The seashore has become barren as a result of ‘kaingin’.  It badly needed replanting.


The ML advocacy and the implementation of its advocacy programs ultimately depends on its goals and political will.  With the right motivation and with the ML heart in the right place, the environment may yet be rehabilitated and restored for the benefit of generations to come.

by: Ares Mobreros –ML-Lebak 1