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ML Family Day 2017


We considered our work as our second Home and we considered our colleagues our second Family. One of the most awaited annual events of our beloved company of M LHUILLIER is the Family Day, where we are be able to have a day of some free time to gather everybody on an event from one region.

On Sunday, September 3, 2017 at Quinale Beach Resort in Anda, Bohol we all had a great time. All the employees temporarily paused up out from paper works and computer encodes in the office. Some having an advance party a night before and some arrived early morning on that day.

The event started by a Holy Mass at the church nearby the beach and after that is the Breakfast for everyone. At exactly 9:30am as the stage are ready and the music have rumbling the Party has finally began. Per area have march-up with their banners from the entrance up to upfront of the stage. The event was even more special since one of the visitors were from Human Resource, none other than Ma’am Remedios Batucan, former Area Managers that came from our Region, Atty. Manolette Dinsay and family as well as ML Sako Personnel also joined us. Next up was the songs and yells from every group which gives more energy to the event. The first number of the program was the opening dance salvo presentation of the OPEC Officers which was so fantastic.

At the noontime after the presentations, welcome addresses and speeches have done we have now ready for our lunch. Everyone was lined-up from one side to the other. The dishes were so delicious and we have our time to chew-up our food. Next-up was the Parlor Games and the Special numbers which brought more humor and excitement to everybody. The winners have received their Prizes happily as they pose in the stage.

At the end of the day we feel satisfied and thankful for the success of the event and that through M LHUILLIER company’s benefits to the employees like these we may be able to refresh our minds from our job physically, mentally and spiritually upright before we go back to our regular work routine back to our respective branches.