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According to a quote, “Health is Wealth”, It is the most important thing we all have been wishing for, It is the most precious other than the treasures of the world and the materials things we needed. As a basketball crazy country our beloved company of MLHUILLIER grant us a benefit to have a break from paperworks and computer monitor and have our physical fitness be worked out for a moment. This time around is a chance for male employees to play basketball league from 4 different areas.

On October 7, 2017, The OPEC Sandugo wrapping up the Final games or the Championship game for the four teams to played via round-robin. From first match-up until the last was very competitive where everyone was so intense to reachout the victory. Some of the players had really showed-up particularly the two former College Varsitie’s, Lloyd Estremos and Regim Montemayor where both of them struggled some in the minutes due to cramps and exhaustion. After every 48 minutes of games, The results has been the same since the former Championship team last year grabbed-back their title, The Area C has been the back to back Champions.

At the end of the day we felt satisfied for our event that through MLHUILLIER Wellness Program, We as a hardworking employees inside the office now able to spent a very compelling moment to not just enjoy the extra curricular activity outside but to be able to uplift our healthy lifestyle and as well as develop camaraderie in a team that we can apply as we go to our daily work back to our respective branches.